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This new CD River of God is written and produced by John J. Rieger. With a combination of jubilant songs of praise and sweet songs of surrender and worship, the inspired arrangement of this CD creates an entire atmosphere of joy and peace from start to finish. His music style is unique, with some country, pop, classical and even a song of hebraic influence. Nevertheless, every song has been prayerfully written and recorded with the hope that the listener might receive strength and encouragement from God's Word through the Spirit and may be drawn into true worship. The title song River of God is a prayer from the heart with the intent of bringing the Lord's peace and healing to all who listen.




River of God

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1. Rejoice Evermore
2. Great and Marvelous
3. River of God
4. I Belong to Jesus Christ
5. I Am the Lord Thy God
6. Come into The Ark
7. All My Days
8. Let's Shout For Joy
9. I Will Extol Thee
10. I Will Sing

*This CD with lyrics is available for the time being, in hard copy only


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Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs 

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1.  Exalt The Lord Our God 6. Whosoever Will
2.  Psalm 128 7. Hear O Lord
3.  Psalm 23 8. From Glory To Glory
4.  2 Cor. 5:21 9. Here's My Lord
5.  They That Know Thy Name

 *This CD will be offered with lyrics in digital format only





Keep Praisin' The Lord  

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1. Keep Praisin' the Lord 4. Love Not The World
2. Have You Been Born Again 5. The Great Physician
3. His Love For You    

*This CD will be offered with lyrics in digital format only